TheBitwire facilitates online payments

Whether you are a merchant or a consumer you can use TheBitwire to convert cryptocurrencies to the best exchange rate in the market and immediately execute SEPA credit transfert, Swift, direct payments and all FIAT money possibilities

Payment Gateway
based on Blockchain

TheBitwire is your peer-to-peer payment Gateway based on Blackchain. You can receive and send money using cryptocurrencies, make Swift and SEPA credit transfers, and direct payments. Suitable for both companies and individuals, TheBitwire is the new frontier of online payments

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Money becomes easy

With TheBitWire it's really easy to receive, send and monetize your money. Explore the great possibilities that TheBitwire offers, with absolute confidence and airtight trust

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Safety first

TheBitwire has the full EU license and it’s implemented with cryptographic features. Synonyms of guarantee

Maximize your change with TheBitwire A.I.

Optimize your cryptocurrencies on the FIAT money market. The proprietary trading software TheBitwire processes data ensuring the most convenient exchange and an advantageous commission

The future is already here

Token and cryptocurrencies are part of our world and very soon they will be used by everyone, people and companies. We are developing services with Blockchain technology that allow us to anticipate the future, transforming the concept of money and online payments.